June 1, 2016

Download Rimix and Have a Good Time with Your Favorite Music

Rhythm Games: “Play with the Rhythm and Beats of All Your Favorite Music!”

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Turns All Your MP3, WAV into Rhythm and Beats. And Have a Good Time with Your Favorite Music!

Download and Play with the Rhythm and Beats Now!


– Have a Good Time with the Rhythm and Beats with Your Own Music.
– Support Various Music Format: mp3, wav, etc.
– Support All Genre of Music: pop, rock, rap, metal, piano, guitar etc.
– Custom Game Difficulties: 3 – 6 tracks with various speed and randomization
– Various Game Skins
– Fast and Accurate Song Analysis: Process a 4 minute music within a minute (similar MP3 music game could take more than 2 minutes)
– Save Time: Analysis a song once and the result will save on device for replay next time

Download and Play Now!

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