April 13, 2016

How to Play Agario: Controls, Rules And Tricks

Agario (or agar.io) is quite an addictive game to play. This game looks simple, but it is kinda hard to get the top position. Especially if you play it on you own, it could takes hours to slowly climb to the top position. Without luck or one minor mistake could make all your effort vanish in a second. So how to play the game? Below are some suggestions on how to play Agario.

This article divided into 3 parts:

  • Controls and Rules;
  • Escape Strategies; and
  • Split Strategies.

How to Play Agario? Firstly, Learn the Basics Controls and Rules.

Read the Instructions

agario-instructionsBefore we start, you must know press SPACE to split, while press W to eject! Agario have already stated that in the login dialog box.

How to Merge?

Now you know press SPACE to split. But how to merge? After your final split, around 30 seconds (based on Agario Wikia, it could be a little longer with larger mass), the cells will start to merge.

Solo or Team Up With Friends in FFA?


I seldom team up with others, but it would be much better if you have allies, protecting you from danger and helping each other. So team up if you can, but if you want a more hardcore gameplay, play it by yourself. If you notice the room has a huge number of players teaming up each other, maybe you should consider switch to another room.

I played Agario in 2015 when it is really popular. Play it again several days before to recall my memory on controls, but the teaming issue in FFA seems severe than before. Maybe it is due to teaming up has a huge advantage, seems like most people are teaming up now. Look at that, top 10 are Koreans! If top 10 join together, how do I suppose to play by myself?

Mass will Affect Speed

Most of you should have discovered this: when you are smaller, you go faster. And this game mechanics could hugely affect your strategies (as mention later on).

Go Horizontal or Vertical Direction?

Around 70% of time, I would prefer go horizontal. Why? The width of your monitor is longer than the height, and that’s why you are easier to notice dangers coming from the horizontal! Especially when your cell is small, sometimes you go so fast vertically and then oops, you suddenly become a part of another cell.

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Feed by Eject

agario-virusThe large green cell is the virus (as shown in the right). You can feed the virus (making it split) or you can feed another player by ejecting a blob (making it bigger). But you can only eject when you are large enough to eject. And you will become a little smaller when eject a blob.

Feed the Virus

When the virus has been fed with 7 blobs, the virus would split to a specific direction:

agario split virus

The new virus could be created towards the direction away from you. But not guaranty hitting your target.

If the big cell eat the virus (“big” means larger than the virus), the large cell will break apart. However, if a player have already split into 16 cells, eating a virus does no harm.

If no one feed the virus before, you need to feed it with 7 blobs, or if other had been fed it with 6 blobs, you feed it once and the virus will split.

Player Behavior

Try to remember the behavior of other players if possible. Of course, not every single of them. Remember things like who are teaming up each other, who are very ambitious to eat every cells they have seen (that you should stay away from), or those who are more friendly, such that you may help by feeding them when they are in danger, such that it will return your favor later.

Get Cover

As mention before, virus is a threat to larger cell. So when you are really small, you can hide into the virus. When you are medium size, being close to the virus can threaten the large cell. When you are big, you should stay away from a distance, but when you are chasing by someone even bigger, a virus could help protecting you. So you better memorize the virus location when you see one, just in case you will need it to protect you later.

Escape Tactics: How Can You Survive if Not Knowing How to Escape?

Unpredictable Path

agario sudden turnIt is more predictable when you go a straight line. Make a sudden sharp L-turn or even U-turn can increase the chance of escape. And when you find out a player knew you would go an unpredictable path, go straight.

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Knowing where are the borders could help you decide which way to escape, otherwise you will run into a border and cannot escape.

If you just enter a map, you could judge by looking at the density of food (no food at all means it could be a border, or a huge cell nearby eating every food). If you play a specific map long enough, you may judge by knowing the virus density (some locations have more virus) and guess where you are.

4 Common Approaches to Escape

Still remember you go faster when smaller? Yes. That’s how you escape. There are 4 approaches to escape:

1. Eject several blobs to somewhere close to the larger player then run away, such that the larger player will switch focus and go for the small blobs rather than chasing after you (and they can’t since you become even more smaller and faster).

2. Similar to first one, but instead of ejecting the blobs somewhere near the larger player, you ejecting the blobs towards you escape path, then you eat them again while you escape.

3. When it is very urgent and you would like to get away as soon as possible: split several times.

4. When the larger player is far enough and slow, there is no need to overreact, do nothing but escape.

Help Others is Help Yourself

But not all the time you need to escape. If you find out a slightly larger cell (that you hate so much) is coming after another large cell (that kinda friendly to you), why not help the friendly cell by feeding it?


Another player is chasing after you, but you figure out that player would become smaller than you after split. Then you should not escape too fast, keep it a distance and try to tempt it to split, if it split, it is the moment you chase it back!

Split Tricks: This is How You Getting Stronger.

Being Harmless

Some players will use split to eat other cells, no matter how small it is. This not only build up angers from other players, but also putting themselves into dangers, since every split will break the cell size into half! So unless the target is worth, you should not consider to eat by split.

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Too Greedy is Bad for You

Unless you team up with others and have protection, you should avoid split more than once, since every split will break the cell size into half. The more you split, the higher chance you put yourself into danger! If one split can’t eat another player, you better not split again to eat it.

Control the Merge Speed

agario mergeDue to mass will affect speed, when you have one larger cell and one smaller cell, the direction you go will affect how long the merge goes:

Lose Mass

When you are large enough, you will lose mass every second. So try not to stop eating (with wise).


Timing is hard to teach, it need experience. Understand timing means you know when to do something is the best. It is like you can tell you cells will start to merge again soon, without even watching a time counter, since you know the game by heart.

For example, you may see a big player nearly eat another big player:

agario timing strategy

If you would like to give the poor player a hand, the timing could be important. You may consider to wait until the 2 players get more closer, then suddenly eject large amount of blobs into the player (ensure you choose a good position such that to avoid feeding the wrong target), making the cell mass suddenly grow a large amount that the poor player suddenly consume another player.

Final Thoughts

Though with all the knowledge and skills, top position is still hard to get without luck and opportunity. Also, patient is quite important in this game. If you start to lose patient, you will definitely start to lose quickly and painfully! So beware! Finish reading this article doesn’t mean you really know how to play Agario, this is only the beginning!

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