April 8, 2016

iTunes Keeps Crashing or Freezing? Quick Fix in 6 Steps.

iTunes Keeps Crashing Upon Opening with an Error Code

itunes keep crashing with an error code

Somehow, your iTunes keep crashing with an error code shown. Even restarting the iTunes didn’t help. Below are the most common 6 steps to quickly fix your iTunes.

What to do When iTunes Not Working After Update / Keeps Freezing / Not Launching?

Apple has answers to some general errors:

Repeatedly Prompts you to authorize your computer to play iTunes Store purchases
Error -50 – when downloading your purchased music.
Error -3221 – appearing in iTunes Store for Windows
Error -3259 – appearing in iTunes Store
Error -9808 – appearing in iTunes Store
Errors 17 – appearing in iTunes Store
Errors 1639 – appearing in iTunes Store
Errors 3000-3020 – appearing in iTunes Store
Errors 3194 – appearing in iTunes Store
Errors 3100-3999 – appearing in iTunes Store
Error 9807 – when updating iPhone or iPod touch
Error 0x80090318 – appearing in iTunes Store

Other Errors

Below are some common 6 steps to fix other errors that cause iTunes keep crashing (e.g. Error 0xE8000065).

Step 1.
Restart the computer. (Try next step only when this step not help)

Step 2.
Restart the iPhone / iPad.

Step 3.
Check the date and time setting, and whether your firewall blocked iTunes in computer.

Step 4.
Uninstall and install the iTunes again. (You may download the latest / previous version of iTunes HERE.)

Step 5.
Clean junk files in computer.

Step 6.
Try an alternate micro-USB cable.

If after above steps didn’t fix iTunes keep crashing, maybe you need further help. Go to ask for a hand in Apple Forum or Contact Apple Support.

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