April 29, 2016

Miitomo. Kind of Disappointing.

Weeks ago, after installing Miitomo, it looks quite fun and addictive. The character customization, the funny movement of Mii, the costumes, the photo editor… But after several days, I found it kind of boring. If you are a Nintendo fan, or you are still in love with Miitomo, maybe you would like to argue with me immediately. It’s fine, but please let me point out the issue in Miitomo first. đŸ™‚

So, What Can You Do in Miitomo?

miitomo-dressShop: You can buy various clothes to further customize your Mii. Dress up like a cool dude or an idiot. And there are some daily costume that keeps you visiting the shop everyday, and look for interesting items to buy.

miitomo-photo-editorPhoto Editor: The photo editor is quite good. It is very easy to use, have lots of expressions / postures to choose, can add other Mii in your photo, use your own photo as the background, or even switch clothes when editing the photo, which is very user-friendly.

miitomo-gameMini games: The mini games end within a minute and you have little control on the result. They all need luck and some skills. Some mini games have an item that is quite easy to win (if you understand the mechanics like the swinging angle of Mii, the delay time between you tap the button and release of Mii). And some items are really hard to get and mostly rely on luck. It is quite expensive to play once, but I am OK with that, they are just like the game machines in the casino.

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But Miitomo is more than that.

From the official website of Miitomo: “Miitomo is a smart-device app that sparks one-of-a-kind conversations between you and your friends. It’s from Nintendo—and free to start!”

From that statement, you can tell Miitomo is in fact a social networking app, for talking with your friends or knowing more about your friends. Most of the time you will spend on the Q&A dialog, like answering the questions asked by Mii, or looking at the answers of others and response to them (for coins).

All in all, conversations are the main focus.

An Uninspiring Question Leads to An Uninspiring Answer

Every Mii have a long list of predefined questions to ask you. But if you look into the questions, you will find that it is kind of boring:

  • What’s your favourite color?
  • How many siblings do you have?
  • What’s the best dish cooked by someone in your family?
  • What famous person do you share a birthday with?
  • Do you have any pets? What kind?
  • What’s your favourite kind of bread?
  • What movie do you recommand watching?
  • What were you doing a few minutes ago?

Seriously? Who wants to know what am I doing 3 minutes ago?

miitomo-dialogUnless you are chasing for a boy or girl, you probably won’t care much about the answers of most questions. These questions are making the answers way too serious and flat. After answering a bunch of these questions, I start to think why am I answering to these questions? No wonder people start to think of something like personal data for data mining.

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You can answer them in a more creative way, but it does not help much. No matter what your answer is, most conversations won’t last long.

And Miitomo would like to encourage you to response to your friends’ answers by giving you coins. But if a friend said his/her favourite color is red, what should you reply? Something like “Cool” or “Me too”? It is not hard to see that, questions will affect what you answered and the conversations. If the questions are too common, so do the answers, and so do the conversations.

Final Thoughts


Maybe many are having a good time with Miitomo. But at this moment, I am not that into it (though I really like the funny movement of Mii character). Wish Nintendo could turn it into something more fun and impressive in the near future.

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